Well-informed and enlightened internal and external publics on the roles, functions, and contributions of UP Manila to national development specifically in the fields of health and medicine.


Produce materials and undertake promotional activities that can enhance UP Manila’s positive image among its constituents and among its outside publics.


  • To disseminate information and other materials pertaining to UP Manila through publications, press releases, and other media
  • To keep track, collect, collate, and keep in preservable forms chronicles of UP Manila history, activities, and important events
  • To provide financial support for technical and non-technical publications 
  • To organize symposia, other forms of public discussions and cultural events
  • To undertake public information activities, liaison with sectors and groups outside UP Manila, including media and government


  • Coverage of events 
  • Organization and conduct of public events, such as media forums/press conferences, book launches, seminar-workshops, etc
  • Preparation and publication of information materials (posters, backdrops, photo exhibits, brochures, program-invitations, calling cards, flyers, and other related materials
  • Copy editing and layouting services
  • Preparation of audiovisual presentations; provision of assistance in AVP preparations
  • Preparation of press releases and media advisories
  • Website and social media administration and maintenance, including content preparation and uploading
  • Design of tokens and give aways for visitors (t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, etc)
  • Photography and printing of photographs; video services (basic video shooting needs)
  • Conduct of research
  • Sale of existing books within and outside the university

Organizational Chart

IPPAO Organizational Chart